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Best School Of Dance & Music Now In Bhubaneswar !!

R1 Academy goes beyond the traditional teaching method and focuses more on the self-discovery of students’ credible. R1 Academy boasts of rich cultural engagement and academic excellence.

The Institute attracts students from across the state!

Why Choose Us To Gain Knowledge !

Our academy stands out for its exceptional instructors, personalized learning still being in group, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant community that fosters artistic growth and passion for dance and music!

Experience Teacher

"Elevate your artistry with seasoned mentors – where expertise meets inspiration."

Personalized Learning

"Individualized brilliance, shared in harmony – personalized learning within a community."

Arvind Tiwary music production instructor

Arvind Tiwary


Our Best Courses

"Unlock your potential across rhythms and keys – from beats to ballads, steps to spins, we've got the perfect course for your passion!"

music production at R1Academy Bhubaneswar

Master Music

The Complete Music Production & Sound Engg.

(5 ratings)
Arvind Tiwary music production instructor

Mstr. Arvind Tiwary

girl boy doing salsa at R1Academy Bhubaneswar - R1Academy - Best School of Dance & Music


The Beginner's Course On Salsa

(5 ratings)
Master Rashmita Tiwary R1Academy

Mstr. Rashmita Tiwary

music instruments of R1Academy


Advance Course on Vocal & Music Instruments

(4.7 ratings)
master sanjay das R1Academy Bhubaneswar

Mstr. Sanjay Das

Our Trending Categories

"Transform your passion into proficiency! Join our trendsetting categories in music and dance to unleash your potential, amplify your skills, and dance to the tune of success. It's time to Elevate your artistry with us! 🎶💃🕺 #eachonelearn"

piano class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar


Key to brilliance: Join our piano class and let your melodies resonate with mastery! 🎹✨ #PianoHarmony

guitar class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar


Strum your success with us – where every chord plays the tune of universe! 🎸✨ #GuitarMastery

Drums class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar - R1Academy - Best School of Dance & Music


Beat to your own rhythm! Join our drumset class for a percussive journey to mastery. 🥁✨ #DrumbeatMastery

Tabla class at R1Academy


Tabla Tales: Join us to tap into the rhythmic artistry, where every beat echoes tradition and excellence! 🥁✨ #TablaMastery"

Modern Dance Class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar - R1Academy - Best School of Dance & Music

Modern Dance

Dance into the modern groove: Join our class and let your movements tell a contemporary story of expression and elegance! 💃✨ #ModernDanceFlow

Classical Dance Class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar - R1Academy - Best School of Dance & Music

Classical Dance

Step into timeless traditions: Join our Odissi and Bharatnatyam classes to explore the grace and cultural richness of classical dance. 🩰✨ #ClassicalElegance

Vocal Training Class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar

Vocal Training

Harmonize the classics, embrace the modern: Join our vocal training class for a journey that blends the soulful traditions of Hindustani Classical with the contemporary allure of modern songs. 🎤✨ #TimelessHarmony

Yoga Class at R1Academy Bhubaneswar - R1Academy - Best School of Dance & Music


Flexibility knows no age: Join our yoga class to discover the timeless practice that transcends generations. Embrace well-being at any stage of life. 🧘‍♂️🌿 #YogaForAllAges

chess classes bhubaneswar

Chess Classes

Master chess at R1 Academy, Bhubaneswar! Our expert faculty caters to all ages. Join now for top-notch training and seize the opportunity with our upcoming fresh batch! ✨ #learnchessbhubaneswar

Primary Students Orientation Program 2024

"Step into the world of rhythm and melody! Join our 2024 Primary Student Orientation/Demo program at R1Academy. Exciting offers await as you discover the joy of dance and music with the best instructors in town. Unleash your potential with us! 🎶💃🕺 #MusicAndDance"

Admission Going On For Beginner Adult Batch 2024

"Groove into a new chapter! Admission is now open for our Beginner Adult Batch 2024 at R1Academy. Exciting offers, top-notch instructors, and classes tailored to your schedule await. Embrace the joy of dance and music at your convenience. This is the chance to act on your dream! 🎶💃🕺 #AdultsInMotion"

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How You Get Benefited!

"Elevate your artistry at R1Academy – where stage performances sharpen your skills, community bonds forge lifelong connections, and career guidance paves the way to your musical or dance aspirations. Join us for a journey of growth and success! 🌟🎶 #R1AcademyAdvantage"


Classical Dance Stage Performance by R1Academy

Performance Opportunities

R1Academy may organize regular performances, recitals, or showcases, giving students the chance to apply and showcase their skills in front of an audience.


community and networking at R1Academy

Power Of Networking

Being part of R1Academy could connect you with a community of fellow enthusiasts. Networking with peers and professionals in the field can lead to collaborative opportunities and lasting friendships.


Career guidance for R1Academy students

Career Guidance

If your goal is to pursue a career in dance or music, a reputable academy may provide career guidance, helping you navigate the industry and offering insights into potential opportunities.

Review's From Students

"Discover the R1Academy Experience through the voices of our students. Hear their stories, testimonials, and the transformative impact of learning dance and music with us. Join the chorus of success! 🎤👏 #StudentVoices #R1AcademyJourney"


Enrolling my 5-year-old in R1 Academy’s contemporary dance program was the best decision ever! Their nurturing environment and expert instructors have transformed my little one into a confident dancer. The joy on my child’s face after every class is priceless. R1 Academy truly knows how to make dance magical for the little ones!! 💃✨ #KidsInMotion #R1AcademyExperience”

Pari contemporary dance student R1Academy


Contemporary Dance Student


Strumming into Fun: Learning guitar at R1Academy is like discovering a musical playground! From cool tunes to awesome friends, every lesson is a step towards becoming a rockstar. Thanks, R1Academy, for making music an epic adventure for kids like me! 🎸🌟 #GuitarAdventures #R1AcademyVibes”

Shreyashree Guitar Student R1Academy


Guitar Student

Checkout Our Blog

"Dive into the world of rhythm and melody! Check out the latest updates, insights, and musical stories on R1Academy's blog. Discover the beats that inspire us! 🎶✨ #R1AcademyBlog #MusicJourney"